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2014 ITUP Regional Workgroups

Each year ITUP hosts a series of Regional Workgroups throughout California’s eight regions, including the Bay Area, Central Valley, Central Coast, North Central, Northern Rural, Inland Empire, San Diego and Orange County. ITUP’s workgroups serve as an opportunity for regional stakeholders to discuss local, state, and federal issues related to the implementation of health reform. ITUP hosted seven regional workgroups in 2014. To find more information about these workgroups, you may contact Sara Watson at: sara@itup.org.

In 2014, the Regional Workgroups discussed the following:

  • Covered California to inform participants about local outreach and enrollment plans while exploring issues related to counselors, affordability, QHP’s and network adequacy, etc.
  • Medi-Cal Expansion to explore the best solutions for implementation while considering issues related to provider access and behavioral health.
  • Remaining Uninsured to assess the impact of reallocated realignment funds and its effect on county’s commitment to the population.

Materials and the Executive Summaries from the 2014 workgroups can be found below:

2014 Workgroup Materials

Executive Summaries

Issue Workgroups

Bay Area Regional Workgroup

North Central Regional Workgroup

Central Coast Regional Workgroup

Central Valley Regional Workgroup

Northern Rural Regional Workgroups

General Materials

CHCF In Their Own Words Report CHCF In Their Own Words Report.pdf
Covered California Enrollment Data Covered California Enrollment Data.pdf
Covered California Enrollment Forecast 2015 Covered California Enrollment Forecast 2015.pdf
ITUP DRAFT Premium Assistance Report ITUP DRAFT Premium Assistance Report.pdf
Health Coverage for California Farm Workers Health Coverage for California Farm Workers .pdf
ITUP Remaining Uninsured Reports