ITUP convenes regional and statewide issue workgroups in California. Regional workgroups are hosted throughout the state and focus on the health needs of local communities while the statewide issue workgroups focus on key health reform implementation issues facing California. While open to the public, our workgroups are mostly attended by California’s health leaders.

2016 Workgroups

Regional Workgroups and Los Angeles Health Collaboratives

ITUP’s annual regional workgroups are hosted throughout the State and focus on the health needs of local communities. The bi-annual Los Angeles Health Collaboratives serve as amplified Los Angeles County regional workgroups that convene a broad set of stakeholders around specific safety net issues in Los Angeles County.

Information on 2016 workgroups, including registration, can be found here.

Workgroup Information

Los Angeles Health Collaborative: July 27, 2016  

“Implementing Medi-Cal 2020 in Los Angeles County”

ITUP held its county-wide convening of safety net providers and stakeholders for a discussion on what steps Los Angeles County is considering related to local implementation of California’s Medicaid Section 1115 waiver (Medi-Cal 2020). Representatives from Los Angeles County provided an update on the County’s waiver-related planning and activities, including an update on the County’s Drug Medi-Cal waiver and an overview of the County’s application for the Whole Person Care Pilot Project submitted on July 1, 2016.

Los Angeles Health Collaborative: December 14, 2016

“A Conversation On the Future of the ACA”

ITUP’s county-wide convening will focus on information sharing and discussion of the potential risks to health reform, as well as what what isn’t known and what needs to understood in the wake of the 2016 Presidential election.

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