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Keep it comin’

The GOP Seniors’ Health Care Bill Of Rights was released today, stating their ‘commitment’ to preserving seniors’ access to care (mostly by condemning any cost reductions in Medicare). A response from the AARP quickly followed, and I’ll let the words speak for themselves:

“AARP agrees with [RNC] Chairman Michael Steele’s goals for reforming our health care system, and we are pleased nothing in the bills that have been proposed would bring about the scenarios the RNC is concerned about….We can pay for these improvements without adding to our deficit by rooting out the waste, fraud and abuse that are driving up older Americans’ Medicare premiums and other health care bills.”

It’s nice to see nonpartisan groups stepping up and responding with real facts to some of the political ideology that’s being injected into the health care debate. As the leading group representing the interests of older Americans, influential and trusted organizations like AARP should be raising their voices more often making clear the real effects of reform. Even more so with other groups in support for reform like the American Hospital Association, American Medical Association, and America’s Health Insurance Plans who were generally opposed to the reform efforts of the ’90s