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2017 ITUP Regional Workgroups!

ITUP connected with health care leaders in San Diego on Wednesday, September 6 at the beautiful Alliance Healthcare Foundation offices. ITUP staff shared updates on the federal health reform and immigration policy, and heard from local stakeholders on emerging trends and challenges in the San Diego region. Workgroup findings inform ITUP’s policy work and future convenings, including the ITUP annual statewide conference held each February in Sacramento.

ITUP is hosting eight more regional workgroups, with the next one scheduled for Tuesday, September 26 in Sacramento. Register today to hear the latest updates on health care reform and engage in the discussion with local health care leaders.

This year, the workgroups are focused on region-specific opportunities and challenges related to the following:

  • Federal threats and potential rollbacks of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and the implications for the state’s health reform progress (see related ITUP publications here);
  • The chilling effect of changes in federal immigration policy on immigrant communities accessing coverage and care, and local innovations to address immigrant health needs in these uncertain times (see related ITUP publications here); and
  • Continuing state and local efforts to improve health care access, quality, and value

ITUP workgroups bring together local leaders for constructive dialogue, problem-solving, and identification of creative policy solutions that expand access and improve the health of Californians. Workgroup findings provide ITUP with information and timely updates from the field to inform ITUP research and communications. ITUP workgroups offer attendees real-time updates on state and federal health care policy and the chance to network and learn from colleagues in the region about local collaboration opportunities and emerging best practices.

View workgroup dates and locations and register for upcoming workgroups here!

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