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RomneyCare vs. ObamaCare: A Comparison

Although the economy has received much of the attention during the presidential campaign, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or “ObamaCare” has also been an important issue.  As one of the most ambitious and consequential pieces of legislation that President Obama signed into law during his first term, it has also been one of the most controversial in recent history.  Repealing ObamaCare was one of the few unanimous rallying cries amongst the seven Republican presidential candidates, and Mitt Romney, the presumptive nominee, has adopted that as one of the major planks of his campaign.

Because of Romney’s similar health care reform efforts (“RomneyCare”) as the Governor of Massachusetts in 2006, his “repeal and replace” mantra has brought criticisms from both the left and right.  This piece compares major elements of the two laws and provides an assessment of their similarities and differences.

The full report is available as a .pdf download.

ObamaCare vs. RomneyCare ObamaCare vs. RomneyCare.pdf

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