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ITUP Comments on Exchange and Medicaid NPRMs

Re: Notice of Proposed Rule Making, CMS-2449-P, CMS-9974-P, and IRS REG-131491-10

Dear Secretary Sebelius

Thank you to you and your team for a excellent set of proposed regulations on the
Exchange and Medi-Cal program expansions, we would like to offer comments on
the following issues: 1) Medi-Cal simplification, 2) the relationship of Medi-Cal
and the Exchange, 3) relationship of the Exchange to Healthy Families, 4) the
interface of the Exchange and small employers, 5) the ability of the Exchange to
cover the flex workforce, 6) the Exchange and IT, 7) purchasing strategies in the
Exchange and 8) adverse selection in the Exchange, individual and small employer

The full text is available for download:
Exchange/Medicaid NPRM Comments Exchange/Medicaid NPRM Comments.pdf

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