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Exchange Update (December 2012)

This is a continuation of a previous ITUP report on the Exchange, which was updated until the February board meeting. This report will be continually updated to incorporate ongoing developments. Please refer to the previous report for background information and issues addressed during board meetings prior to February 21, 2012.

All meeting materials, including agendas, presentations, discussion drafts, and applicable stakeholder comments, are available online.

The Exchange board is focusing on 7 core issues:
– business, operations and financial sustainability
– enrollment and information technology
– communication support, research and marketing, outreach and education
– assisters strategy
– health plan management and delivery reform
– small business health options program (SHOP)
– essential health benefits, basic health plan

This paper serves to report on developments on these topics.

The full document is available below:

Exchange Update (January 9, 2013) Exchange Update (January 9, 2013).pdf
Exchange Update (November 8, 2012).pdf Exchange Update (November 8, 2012).pdf.pdf
Exchange Update (September 26, 2012) Exchange Update (September 26, 2012).pdf
Exchange Update (September 10, 2012) Exchange Update (September 10, 2012).pdf
Exchange Update (August 2, 2012) Exchange Update (August 2, 2012).pdf
Exchange Update Exchange Update.pdf

Additional Attachments:
Letter to the Exchange Letter to the Exchange.pdf
SHOP Input SHOP Input.pdf
Marketing, Outreach, and Education Input Marketing, Outreach, and Education Input.pdf
Assisters Input Assisters Input.pdf

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