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2014 Conference

18th Annual Conference
Insure the Uninsured Project’s 18th Annual Statewide Conference: Tomorrow is Here: What’s Next? conference was held at the Sacramento Convention Center on February 11, 2014, while the Awards and Networking Dinner was held at the Citizen Hotel on February 10, 2014 from 6-9pm.

Download the  agenda here: Conference Agenda Conference Agenda.pdf


Conference Materials

The conference binder materials are available for download. The password for some protected files will be provided via e-mail to all registered attendees.

ITUP Reports

ITUP has prepared reports in preparation for the 18th Annual Statewide ITUP Conference. Featured topics include important issues like the future of the Exchange, the remaining uninsured, children’s coverage, payment reform, health care financing, provider workforce, and the future of substance use disorder services. The following reports will be featured at the conference and are available for download:

Looking Forward

Policy Considerations for Covered California

Toward a Better Medi-Cal Substance Use Disorder Benefit in California- Smart Investments for Improving Lives

A Vision for Payment and Delivery System Reform: Moving from FFS to Improved Quality, Better Health, and Cost Containment

Workforce Development in Healthcare

California’s Remaining Uninsured

Children’s Health Coverage Under the ACA

2014 Health Care Financing Report: Public Programs

Additionally, summaries of the ITUP issue and regional workgroups, as well as the Los Angeles Health Collaborative, are available here.


Session Notes

Opening Remarks

California…Tomorrow Is Here!

Employer Coverage: How Do We Work Together?

Behavioral Health: Can We Treat the Whole Person?

Payment Reform: How Can California Get a Better Value For Our Buck?

Keynote Address: Senator Hernandez

Beyond the ACA: What’s Next?

Children’s Health: How Can California Create a Healthier Tomorrow?

Workforce: Is There a Doctor in the House?

Remaining Uninsured: Is a Seamless Safety Net Possible?

Outreach and Enrollment: What Will It Take for California to Become Fully Covered?


Presentations and Handouts

Payment Reform in California – Stephen Shortell, UC Berkeley School of Public Health

Getting to Health 3.0 – Peter Long, Blue Shield of CA Foundation

Equity: The 4th Aim of Health Reform – Bob Ross, The California Endowment

Is There a Doctor in the House? Strengthening the Supply, Distribution and Diversity of California’s Health Workforce – Jeff Oxendine, UC Berkeley School of Public Health

Small Business Majority Handout