The 2017 ITUP conference takes place at a critical juncture for health reform, with the emerging risk to health coverage and health reform in light of President-elect Donald Trump’s commitment to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act.

The conference will bring health care leaders and experts together to share information, compare strategies and explore the options for the state to do all that will be needed to preserve and continue to advance health reform in California. The annual ITUP conference is the signature statewide forum for California health care leaders, policymakers and advocates engaged with health reform.

Conference topics will include:

  • Repeal and replace: can the ACA be saved? Expert intelligence on the national political climate and likely/pending federal actions affecting the ACA;
  • Moving forward in uncertain times: what’s next for California coverage expansions;
  • Status of state and federal health reform advocacy efforts;
  • Impacts of ACA changes on California’s private insurance market;
  • Advancing whole person care in uncertain times;
  • Future of California innovations: waivers, pilots and program improvements; and
  • A conversation with California philanthropic leaders on how changes to the reform context will shape grantmaking, partnerships and research priorities going forward.

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