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2015 Workgroups

ITUP conducted a series of regional and statewide issue workgroups in 2015.  Regional workgroups are hosted throughout the state and focus on the health needs of local communities. The statewide issue workgroups focus on key health reform implementation issues facing California.  Executive summaries are available here to provide an overview of […] more

ITUP’s Summary of the Kaiser Family Foundation’s National Employer Health Benefits Survey

Premiums increased by 4%; offer rates and take up rates did not change; worker’s wages increased by 2% and inflation fell by 0.2% between 2014 and 2015. Some employers (4%) reduced full time workers to part time while others (10%) increased part time workers to full time. Workers paid on […] more

ITUP’s Summary of the California HealthCare Foundation’s California Employer Health Benefits Survey

Employer offer rates have declined from 69% to 58% in California from 2000 to 2014 – a slightly better performance than the national average. 48% of very small (3-9 employees) California businesses offer coverage; 71% of small (10-49) employers offer coverage; 87% of mid sized (50-199) employers offer coverage; 98% […] more

Federal Health Reform: Impacts on Small and Medium Businesses

Discusses the impacts on small and medium employers under federal reform including tax credits, the exchange, and the pay or play provision. more

Guidance on Reform’s Small Business Tax Credit

Today, The IRS released a detailed guidance for small employers interested in taking advantage of the health care tax credits that go into effect this year as part of federal reform. In general, the credits are meant to encourage employers that DO NOT offer coverage to begin to do so, […] more

Health Insurance Options for Small to Mid-Size Business

A presentation showing the need and options for health insurance coverage in California. more

Help Your Employees Help Themselves! Public Health Insurance Options in California State and the San Francisco Bay Area

Outlines the basic eligibility requirements, benefits, costs, and application methods for the leading public health insurance programs in the San Francisco Bay Area and the state of California. more

Health Insurance Options for Small Business Employers

A PowerPoint presentation showing the need and options for health insurance coverage in California, with cost estimates tweaked to the Los Angeles County market. more