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2015 Health Care Financing Report: Public Programs

Despite predictions otherwise, California continues to recover from the impacts of the Great Recession. The unemployment rate has decreased to 6.3%, reflecting an ongoing trend of job growth in the state. From April 2014 through April 2015, 457,300 jobs were created reflecting employment increases across eight employment categories (mining and […] more

2014 and 2013 Workgroups

ITUP conducts a series of regional and statewide issue workgroups every year and provides executive summaries of all proceedings in addition to compiling relevant materials for workgroup. Below you can find all of the materials from the 2013 and 2014 Workgroups: 2014 ITUP hosted seven regional workgroups in 2014. To […] more

ObamaCare 201 Trainings

ITUP hosted a series of educational trainings entitled ObamaCare 201: Essential Updates Before Open Enrollment, the second set of sessions on the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This series of trainings explained everything there is to know about insurance and coverage under the ACA, discussed immigration status and health coverage, addressed […] more

UCLA Center for Health Policy Research studies California’s Undocumented Population

According to a study conducted by the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, California’s undocumented immigrant population utilizes services at a dramatically lower rate than the average U.S. citizen. These findings contradict commonly held myths that the undocumented population drives up healthcare expenditures by excessive emergency department (ED) usage. The […] more

Preparing for the Affordable Care Act: An Examination of Coverage Expansions in L.A. County: Outreach, Enrollment, Retention and Utilization

The ACA’s vision for eligibility and enrollment focuses on a first-class customer experience that envisions consumers will have the information and assistance required to make the process simple and easy to navigate.  This will include simplified and streamlined systems that will comprise a single door to enter and multiple methods […] more

Notes from Conference Call with CHHS Secretary Dooley and Medi-Cal Director Douglas about Governor’s 2013-14 Budget Proposal

Secretary of the California Health and Human Services Agency Diana Dooley hosted a stakeholder conference call on January 10, 2013 to discuss the Governor’s budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2013-14. She was accompanied by Medi-Cal Director Toby Douglas, as well as officials from other departments. Secretary Dooley began by announcing […] more

UCLA: Findings from the 2009 California Health Interview Survey

The UCLA Center for Health Policy Research’s new report, The State of Health Insurance in California: Findings from the 2009 California Health Interview Survey, sheds light on the effects of the recession on insurance coverage and access to care to millions of Californians. The study finds that 7.1 million Californians […] more