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There are currently 7.2 million Californians who go without health insurance or coverage all or part of the year. Being uninsured carries risks beyond the financial burden an unexpected illness would impose. For example, the uninsured have lower screening rates for preventable health conditions and experience poorer health outcomes for chronic conditions. Due to California’s vast geographical, economical, and political diversity (to name a few), the uninsured are not always an easily defined population.

2015 Workgroup Summaries

ITUP conducts a series of regional and statewide issue workgroups every year and provides executive summaries of all proceedings. These summaries provide an overview of the main topics of discussion, ranging from local enrollment success and challenges, local reform initiatives, and developing issues that stakeholders are grappling with. Regional Workgroups […] more

2015 Workgroups

ITUP conducted a series of regional and statewide issue workgroups in 2015.  Regional workgroups are hosted throughout the state and focus on the health needs of local communities. The statewide issue workgroups focus on key health reform implementation issues facing California.  Executive summaries are available here to provide an overview of […] more