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New York’s New DSRIP Waiver & What It Could Mean in California UPDATED

New York state and CMS signed a new DSRIP waiver in April 2014. The goals are transforming the state’s health care system, bending the Medicaid cost curve and assuring quality care for all Medicaid members. The waiver puts an emphasis on transformation of the safety net, cost reduction and improved […] more

Tell Your Network To Enroll

Open enrollment for Exchange coverage ends in THREE days. Now is the time to make a last pitch to anyone you know who is un- or under-insured. We ask you to take this opportunity to contact your networks – colleagues, distant cousins, childhood friends, neighbors, procrastinators, anyone out there who […] more

Twenty Days To Go

March 10, 2014   Dear friends and colleagues,   Just to share with you my thoughts on some of the latest news and information about the Affordable Care Act. Open enrollment for the Exchanges will close for this year on March 31. There are only 20 days left to get […] more

Conference Reports

ITUP has prepared reports in preparation for the 18th Annual Statewide ITUP Conference. Featured topics include important issues like the future of the Exchange, the remaining uninsured, children’s coverage, payment reform, health care financing, provider workforce, and the future of substance use disorder services. The following reports will be featured […] more

Looking Forward

In this set of papers, we are trying to set out the options, possibilities and some recommendations for the evolution of California’s health care system for the rest of this decade. We must clarify where we are going in order to make the best decisions possible on all these issues […] more

Register for ITUP’s 18th Annual Conference

18th Annual Conference Registration for ITUP’s 18th Annual Statewide Conference is NOW OPEN. The conference will be held at the Sacramento Convention Center on February 11, 2014, while the Awards and Networking Dinner will be held at the Citizen Hotel on February 10, 2014 from 6-9pm. (Registration for the Awards […] more

ObamaCare 101: The Affordable Care Act

ITUP hosted a series of educational trainings entitled ObamaCare 101: An Educational Training on the Affordable Care Act (ACA). During the trainings, ITUP discussed key components of the ACA and provided a comprehensive overview of how health coverage will change in California under health reform. The trainings were held around […] more

The Reckoning

I have been haunted for the last decades by David Halberstam’s book, “The Reckoning” which details the decline and fall of the Big Three Detroit automakers who forgot the basics of design, engineering, and quality while focusing obsessively on “finance”. As a result Japanese automakers flourished while “made in Detroit” […] more

Register for ITUP’s 2013 Regional Workgroups

ITUP hosts a series of Regional Workgroups around the state each year to discuss the implementation of health care reform. Our Workgroups bring together a variety of stakeholders, including health plans, hospital and clinic associations, county personnel, community-based organizations, and advocates and unions. Click on the links below for more […] more

Save the Date for the Next ITUP Conference!

The dates are already set for ITUP’s 18th Annual Statewide Conference! Next year, the Awards and Networking Dinner will be held on February 10, 2014 at the Citizen Hotel, while the Conference will be held on February 11 at the Sacramento Convention Center. Mark your calendars, it’s only 10 months […] more