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The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the landmark federal health reform legislation of 2010, makes a wide variety of changes to the existing health system in the United States. California is currently implementing the Affordable Care Act and preparing the health system for necessary changes. On this page, you will find information about federal and state health policy and regulations.

The Tragedy of Prison Health Care in California: An Extended Timeline

While the Affordable Care Act has ensured that millions of Californians have access to affordable, quality health care, the same cannot be said for California’s prison and county jail inmates.  This timeline chronicles the fraught history of the state’s prison health care system, from 2002 to the present. January 30, […] more

Children’s Health Coverage Under the ACA

This series examines the future of children’s coverage in California, both where we are now and where we need to go in the near future.  Topics discussed include: Current coverage of children Remaining uninsured children post ACA implementation Future of state programs like CHDP, AIM, CCS, and Family PACT Delivery […] more

Understanding the ACA’s Individual Market Reforms

There has been much in the news lately about the impacts of the Affordable Care Act’s reforms on the individual market. This document summarizes the reforms and their impacts for those who are interested. The ACA’s reforms of the individual market include the following: guaranteed issue and renewal, no more […] more

Providing Health Care to the Residually Uninsured in a Post-Reform World (Updated)

This updated version of ITUP’s 2012 report incorporates the latest research and data in regard to the Residually Uninsured. On March 23, 2010, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law, laying the groundwork for many health reforms, including the expansion of Medicaid, increasing coverage of […] more

Improving Birth Outcomes: Better Coordinating Care and Coverage for Pregnant Women

Download the full report here:   After expanding coverage for prenatal care and expanding perinatal services in California, we have achieved remarkable reductions in premature births, low birth-weight, reduced smoking rates of pregnant women and important increases in access to timely prenatal care.[1] California covers care for pregnant women through Medi-Cal […] more

Bridge Plan Legislation – Summary of SB X1 3 (Hernandez)

Download the PDF here:   SB X1 3 (Hernandez) sets the rules for Bridge Plans (Medi-Cal managed care plans) that can offer low cost continuation coverage in the Exchange for individuals losing Medi-Cal eligibility, and whole family coverage for families where the children are on Medi-Cal and the parents eligible […] more

Understanding the ACA’s Employer Responsibilities and the Impacts of the Delay in Employer Penalties

Download the full report here: Employer Responsibilities   The Obama administration announced a delay of the penalties in the ACA’s employer mandate for one year.[1] What does this mean? As best as we can determine it has relatively little to no impact. So what is going on? And why? The […] more

Summary of California Assembly Bill 85

Summary of AB 85: The Budget Trailer Bill Governing County Health Realignment This bill transfers realignment  funds from county health to social services with a 5% CalWorks increase in aid payments on March 1, 2014. It reduces county health realignment funds by an average of 60% beginning in January 1, […] more

Summary of Medicaid Expansion: SB X 1 1 and AB X 1 1

Download the full summary here: Executive Summary Eligibility Coverage of Parents and MIAs up to 133% of FPL (MAGI, Modified Adjusted Gross Income eligibles) MAGI applies to all individuals and families, except the aged and disabled. Consolidation of all income disregards to a 5% uniform disregard for all MAGI eligibles, […] more

The Reckoning

I have been haunted for the last decades by David Halberstam’s book, “The Reckoning” which details the decline and fall of the Big Three Detroit automakers who forgot the basics of design, engineering, and quality while focusing obsessively on “finance”. As a result Japanese automakers flourished while “made in Detroit” […] more