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State Budget

California’s health system is funded through several income streams, from individual premiums to federal tax income. ITUP focuses on financing for public health programs, the most relevant funder being the California State Budget.

California’s Economy Continues to Improve, According to October Jobs Report

According to the Center for Continuing Study of the California Economy, the October jobs report from California’s Employment Development Department indicates that the California labor market regained momentum in October, with an increase of 45,800 jobs, and an upward revision to 32,000 jobs gained for September. The unemployment rate fell to 10.1%, […] more

2012 Health Care Financing Report

The Health Care Financing Report examines the state’s budget, health expenditure trends, fiscal future, Proposition 30, and the state of public programs (Medi-Cal, Healthy Families, the Major Risk Medical Insurance Plan, Access for Infants and Mothers, Family PACT, Genetically Handicapped Persons Program).  The full report can be downloaded below. The State […] more

Survey of State Medicaid Programs Finds Program Spending at Near-Record Low, Slowing Enrollment and Provider Payment Cuts Cited As Causes

A Kaiser Family Foundation survey of Medicaid programs in all 50 states and the District of Columbia found that overall Medicaid program spending is nearly at a record low in 2012. State Medicaid programs also expect similar spending figures in 2013. The survey cites two chief reasons for the reduced overall […] more

Final Week of 2012 California Legislative Session: Votes Scheduled on ACA Implementation Legislation; New Bills Arise to Halt Healthy Families Transition to Medi-Cal

This week, the California Legislature is scheduled to vote on key pieces of legislation that will implement the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in California. Bills under consideration would enact key health insurance market reforms, including prohibiting denials of coverage for preexisting conditions and establishing an essential health benefits package for […] more

Proposition 30: Options and Consequences

Proposition 30 (Prop. 30) would raise approximately $6 billion in annual revenue by implementing temporary increases in sales taxes for all taxpayers in California and in marginal personal income tax rates for high-income earners. This piece outlines the elements of Prop. 30 and discusses the consequences for taxpayers and public […] more