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Community Health Infrastructure

I mentioned in my last post that reform efforts will be beneficial to immigrants when navigating the health system, though this is also true for millions who turn to health centers and clinics for care. As primary care access continues to become more and more strained, effective networks of community […] more

Immigration (Health) Reform

There has been some discussion surrounding non-citizens in health reform, much of it stemming from the notion that reform will provide coverage to illegal residents. This is simply not true, as both the House and Senate proposals explicitly disqualify illegal immigrants from insurance subsidies and credits. Nevertheless, the large amount […] more

Instant replays and a potential playbook

CQ recently posted an analysis on the accuracy of certain statements (from both sides of the argument) regarding HR 3200 and cites their sources. Cutting through the hot topic inaccuracies like “death panels” and “rationed care for seniors,” it also investigates some other interesting arguments like: Employers will have to […] more

A look back…

We will all watch many tributes to Senator Ted Kennedy over the next few days, who dedicated his life and career to America’s poor and fought tirelessly for universal health care. Chances are that the health reform bill may even don his name. How long has he been committed to […] more

Unleashing the Potential of HIT

Health Information Technology (HIT) is widely agreed upon as fundamental to improving the value of health care delivery. While the United States has lagged significantly in the widespread adoption of HIT, numerous health systems around the world have integrated electronic communication that not only increases productivity and efficiency, but improves […] more

Reform in a box

Picked up this flowchart courtesy of Nicholas Beaudrot for the visual learners out there. As you can see, insurance reform can be clearly explained in three simple questions. The colored portions of the squares are the projected penetration of the public option, a far cry from the government takeover allegations. […] more

Where We Stand

As Congress is in recess this week, I thought it would be useful to lay out where we are right now in the health reform legislative process. So as not to be too long winded, the descriptions here are rather brief but a closer look at each proposal will be […] more


Hello and welcome to the ITUP Spotlight on Health Reform blog! For the readers that I haven’t met personally, my name is Adam Dougherty and I have been with ITUP for the past year as the Senior Research Analyst, while also recently finishing my MPH at USC. We at ITUP […] more