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ITUP Summary of Findings from the National Health Insurance Survey

The Centers for Disease Control, National Center for Health Statistics released its 2014 survey results on health insurance status for the nation. Thirty-six million (11.5% of the nation’s residents) were uninsured at the time of their interview. The nation’s rate of uninsurance for adults fell from 22.3% in 2010 to […] more

ITUP’s Summary of “Coverage Expansions and the Remaining Uninsured”

Coverage Expansions and the Remaining Uninsured: a Look at California During Year One of ACA Implementation (Kaiser Family Foundation, May 2015) is an excellent overview of the impacts of the Medicaid (Medi-Cal) and Covered California expansions. This is the report on Year 1. The highlights are as follows: The newly […] more

New Study Emphasizes the Value of Medi-Cal Adult Dental Benefits

A new study from researchers at the University of Iowa examined the effect of the 2009 elimination of Medi-Cal adult dental benefits on service utilization and cost. Adult dental benefits are an optional benefit in Medicaid, and many states have eliminated or reduced these benefits when they have budgetary difficulties, […] more

New White House Report Highlights Benefits for Medicaid Expansion States

  A new report from the White House outlines the major benefits of the Medicaid expansion for the states that opted to extend the new ACA coverage. The paper marshals the best available data and evidence, and highlights improved access to care, better health outcomes and longer life expectancy, greater financial […] more

Narrow Networks Not Necessarily an Impediment to Care

A recent study in Health Affairs finds that although health plans from California’s state-operated health exchange Covered California have narrower networks than their private commercial counterparts, they still have comparable hospital access and in some cases, higher hospital quality scores. The study assessed Covered California plans and compared them to […] more

But, Why Not?

ITUP employee and UCLA graduate student, Marina Acosta (far left), attending the 68th World Health Assembly with fellow UCLA classmates. Hearing the awe in my Mom’s voice when I was describing the tension in the room between Israel and the Arab nations during discussions about health conditions in occupied Palestinian […] more

Assembly Bill Could Allow Nurse Practitioners to Provide Primary Care

On Thursday, May 7th, the California Senate voted 25–5–9 to pass SB 323 (Hernandez), which sets down a framework that would allow nurse practitioners to provide primary care in California. Nurse practitioners would be allowed to perform basic diagnosing and prescribing roles without direct physician oversight in settings including community […] more

Governor Brown’s May Revision for State Budget Shows Revenue up $6.7B and Proposes Full-Scope Medi-Cal Coverage for DACA and DAPA Immigrants

Governor Jerry Brown released the May Revision of the California state budget, and he had mostly positive news to share. The biggest news from the new estimates is a $6.7 billion increase in General fund revenues. Given this increase, the Governor proposes new spending for three purposes:   Extending full-scope […] more

Governor’s Order Could Improve California’s Air Quality and Health

While great progress has been made developing a culture of health and wellness in California, access to care is only one part of a larger array of health-impacting factors. An individual’s lived-in environment contributes significantly to their wellbeing (or lack thereof). In developing a culture of health and wellness, policymakers, […] more

Senator Lara’s bill (SB 4) Suspended in Appropriations

As of May 4, 2015, Senator Lara’s bill (SB 4) to expand insurance to undocumented Californians has been placed on hold. This decision comes in the wake of a fiscal analysis of SB 4. According to a Senate analyst, estimated coverage costs for undocumented individuals range from $280 million to […] more