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October Covered California Board Meeting

Covered California’s recent October board meeting was packed with information and insights about the work prefacing open enrollment three, which begins November 1, 2015. Updates on small business rates, rating of the quality health plans, enrollment strategies and the responsibilities of certified insurance agents were discussed. Updates on Covered California […] more

Updated: Regional Primary Care Clinic Stats from Final OSHPD Data

The final OSHPD primary care clinic data has been published and the statewide story, as told from the data, is very positive. The number of Medi-Cal managed care visits are up substantially (55%), the number of private (e.g. Covered California) visits are up (19%), and the number of uninsured visits are […] more

2014 Preliminary OSHPD Clinic Data

Data nerds’ current Christmas Eve–esque anticipation for data from the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) can begin to subside as some preliminary 2014 data sets have been published. The heightened anticipation is a result of many analysts and health care industry-types interested in SEEING (with hard data […] more

Summary of the United States Census Bureau Current Population Survey

ITUP’s summary of the United States Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey is now available. Some of the key noted in the summary: About 46.7 million (14.8% of the population) lives in poverty about the same as the prior year. Median household income is $53,657 about the same as the past […] more

Health Care Bills at the End of Regular Session, September 2015

The regular legislative session ended on Friday with a number of health care related bills sent to Governor Jerry Brown. Read below for a summary of these bills. ABX2-15 – End of Life Option Act, Susan Eggman (D-Stockton) The End of Life Option Act has been getting the most attention […] more

Opportunities for California under §1332 of the Affordable Care Act

California has made great progress implementing the Affordable Care Act (ACA), with almost 4.7 million people newly enrolled in either Medi-Cal or Covered California since January 2014. The state now strives to improve the quality of care and the performance of its safety net delivery systems as it moves toward […] more

Covered California August Board Meeting

The end of summer is fast approaching and Covered California is in full gear preparing for its third open enrollment. Working diligently to ensure a seamless consumer shopping experience, Covered California has been successful in negotiating competitive rates, debuting new plans on the exchange and presenting the qualified health plans’ […] more

California’s Drug Medi-Cal Waiver Is a Big Deal: Here’s Why

On August 14, 2015, The California Department of Health Care Services announced federal approval of the State’s Drug Medi-Cal Organized Delivery System (DMC-ODS) waiver.  This report summarizes expanded Substance Use Disorder (SUD) benefits and describes the importance of the DMC-ODS waiver in the transformation of the SUD system of care. […] more

Summary of the Kaiser Family Foundation Survey of California’s Uninsured

The Kaiser Family Foundation has released a longitudinal survey of what has happened to California’s uninsured over a two-year period of ACA implementation. In 2013, 100% of those sampled were uninsured; in 2014 after the first open enrollment 58% were insured; and in 2015 after the second open enrollment 68% […] more

Summary of Gallup Poll on State’s Progress in Reducing the Numbers of Uninsured

The latest Gallup Poll findings showed California ranked 6th in the nation by successfully reducing its rates of uninsured from 21.6% to 11.8%. Arkansas led the nation with a reduction from 22.5% uninsured to 9.1% uninsured. Kentucky reduced its rates of uninsured from 20.4% to 9.0%. Oregon reduced its uninsured […] more