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HHS Secretary Burwell Unveils Assertive Push toward Medicare Payment Reform

U.S. Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell announced yesterday that the Medicare has set new ambitious goals for reforming the way it pays health care providers. First, Burwell said that Medicare would aim to have 30 percent of its provider payments delivered through Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) or […] more

Republican Governors of Arkansas, Ohio Affirm Commitment to Medicaid Expansion

Recently elected Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, a Republican, indicated a commitment to extend for another two years the state’s Medicaid expansion initiated by his Democratic predecessor. Arkansas has a model of Medicaid expansion often called “the private option,” through which the state uses federal money to enroll newly eligible beneficiaries […] more

Covered California January Board Meeting

enrollment by ethnicity

New year, new Covered California board meeting. Here are the details from the first meeting of 2015. Plan Certification and New Entrants A new policy was adopted for recertifying plans for the 2016 plan year and welcoming bids from insurance companies that have not previously participated in the Exchange. New […] more

Medicaid Expansion a Big Leap Forward for People Experiencing Homeless

A recent report from researchers at the Kaiser Family Foundation and the National Health Care for the Homeless Council examined the experiences of four clinics for people experiencing homelessness in the wake of the Medicaid expansion in 2014. Each of the clinics was in a different state; three were in […] more

Open Letter Re: Exchange News and Tax Credits

Dear friends, family and neighbors, There are three things happening that you need to know about: 1) open enrollment, 2) redeterminations and 3) reconciliation. Open enrollment for the Exchanges (Covered California) will close by February 15, so if you want coverage for the coming year, you have to have your […] more

Governor’s Budget Proposal – Health Analysis

It’s Budget Day! Governor Brown released his proposed budget this morning for 2015-16. Before we dive deep into the details of the health budget, here are the most noteworthy proposals: Annual enrollment periods for Medi-Cal – currently, Medi-Cal managed care members can change their plan once a month, in contrast […] more

ITUP Summary of Schoen et al, State Trends in the Cost of Employer Health Insurance Coverage (Commonwealth Fund, 2003-2013)

Click here for the full issue brief: State Trends in the Cost of Employer Health Insurance Coverage, 2003-2013   For the last decade, health insurance premium increases rose three times as fast as worker’s wages. Between 2010 and 2013, the rate of premium increase slowed from 5.1% for the prior […] more

ITUP Summary of the Legislative Analyst’s November 2014 Fiscal Outlook for the 2015-16 Budget

You can find the full version of the LAO’s Fiscal Outlook here: The 2015-16 Budget: California’s Fiscal Outlook   The Legislative Analyst’s Office mid year projection is that California will finish the 2014-15 fiscal year with a $2 billion surplus and that the entire surplus will be allocated to K-12 education […] more

Welcome to 2015

Dear Friends and Colleagues, Happy New Year; welcome to 2015. We have much to celebrate — nearly 3.5 million Californians newly enrolled in Covered California and Medi-Cal, and almost 600,000 new applications and 350,000 determined eligible in the first month of open enrollment for Year 2. In year 1, California […] more

Open Letter on the Next Section 1115 Waiver

California’s next §1115 waiver provides an important opportunity to improve health outcomes for over 10 million Californians. We wanted to share our thinking on possible directions. We have completed our nine regional workgroups throughout the state and our stakeholder convenings in Southern California counties. So these comments are informed by […] more