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King v. Burwell in the U.S. Supreme Court

The case is about individuals’ refundable tax credits that help pay for individuals’ health insurance in the 34 (37) states whose Exchanges are administered by the federal Department of Health and Human Services. There are about 8.6 million subscribers now enrolled – ranging from about 1.6 million in Florida and […] more

Thank You for Attending the ITUP Conference!

February 24, 2014 Dear Colleagues, It was great to see all of you for this year’s 19th Annual Insure the Uninsured Project Conference. The power point slides, photos and session summaries are being posted for your use at http://itup.org/conference. I wanted to particularly commend a few of the most recent […] more

Mom, Dad, I’m 26 and I forgot to enroll in Covered California, “I’m so sorry, but what do I do now”?

If you just started preparing your taxes for that refund you were hoping for and you just now learned that there is a tax penalty for not enrolling, you can apply from now until April 30 at Covered California. http://www.coveredca.com/ If your income is less than $16,100 for an individual, […] more

ITUP Draft summary of the §1115 Waiver Concepts

ITUP Draft Summary of the State’s §1115 Waiver Concepts, dated 2/11/15 The request is for $15-20 billion in increased FFP over 5 years or $3-4 billion a year in federal and state shared savings. The state and federal government would agree on a per member per month cost amount that […] more

Gallup Survey Shows Uninsured Rate Plummeting in U.S., California

A new Gallup survey released today found that the uninsured rate in the U.S. dropped from 17.3% to 13.8% over the last year. This share is the smallest recorded by Gallup in 7 years. States across the country recorded reductions in the uninsurance rate, and California was no exception. Gallup […] more

10 More Reasons to Attain Health Insurance Through Covered CA

Open Enrollment closes tomorrow! For those that need a last minute nudge, here are 10 more reason why you should get covered! 1. Because you will need a Doctor’s note when you call into work sick and go fishing instead 2. In case your new belly piercing gets infected 3. […] more

If You are Uninsured…

If You are Uninsured or Have Private Individual Insurance, Ten Good Reasons to Enroll before February 15, 2015 – the Deadline for Covered California – http://www.coveredca.com/apply In case you get sick — measles, mumps, the flu, chicken pox or any other infectious disease. In case you get hurt — driving, […] more

In Loving Memory

The 19th ITUP conference is dedicated in loving memory to Peter Harbage. more

Covered California Open Enrollment Ends February 15! Make Health Coverage Your Valentine!

Dearest ITUP Family, Valentine’s Day is about a week away. So, it’s (apparently) the season for love. And there’s no better way to show your love for family, significant others, and friends than… <drumroll> …health coverage! I just gave one of my friends, a very talented independent contractor, a valentine […] more

Indiana Expands Medicaid with a Hoosier Twist

CMS and the state of Indiana reached agreement on a waiver to expand the state’s Medicaid program from only mothers and children with incomes less than 25% of FPL to all eligible individuals with incomes under 138% of FPL. This is projected to add 350,000 uninsured Hoosiers to Medicaid. The […] more