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ITUP FY2014-15 Annual Report

ITUP’s FY2014-15 Annual Report is now available for download. Below, please find a message from our Executive Director, Lucien Wulsin. Dear Friends and Colleagues, ITUP’s goals for 2014-15 were to build on and accelerate the first year’s successes in Affordable Care Act (ACA) enrollment and to begin building consensus on […] more

ITUP Summary of the Governor’s Proposed State Budget for FY 2016-17

The Governor’s FY 2016-17 proposed state budget has been released. Notably, Governor Brown is proposing significant contributions into the State’s Rainy Day Fund and major payments against California’s existing debt. California is projected to run a $5 billion surplus this year, with a smaller $3 billion surplus next year. This […] more

Summary of the Terms and Conditions for California’s Section 1115 Waiver Renewal

California’s Section 1115 Waiver Renewal Terms and Conditions has six elements: managed care expansion; preventive dental care for children ($750 million); whole person care pilots ($1.5 billion); substance abuse treatments (Drug Medi-Cal); global budgets for public hospitals; and PRIME upgrades ($7.5 billion) in managed care readiness for county, UC, and […] more

ITUP Summary of Health Components of the Governor’s Proposed State Budget for FY 2016-17

The Health and Human Services Agency proposed budget is $136 billion of which $34 billion is state General Fund. Medi-Cal costs $85 billion; Developmental Services $6.4 billion; 1991-2 realignment $5.3 billion; 2011 realignment $4.9 billion, and IHSS (In Home Support Services) $10.4 billion. Medi-Cal’s General Fund costs are projected to […] more

California’s Oral Health Picture: The Good, the Bad and the Toothy

As California is beginning to re-embrace the importance of investment into dental health, the American Dental Association, Health Policy Institute (HPI) released a fact sheet on all 50 states’ oral health care system. California’s dental profile has some good things, some bad things and some unsightly things going on in […] more

Los Angeles County Enrollment Successes

ITUP has prepared a summary of enrollment successes in Los Angeles county. Here’s a brief overview: Los Angeles reached 226% of anticipated enrollment for the first year’s open enrollment in Covered California Community clinic visit compositions shifted dramatically: Medi-Cal managed care patient visits increased by 57.6% Medi-Cal fee for service […] more

ITUP’s Summary of California Legislative Analyst’s Office Analysis of the 2016-17 Budget

The Legislative Analyst reports that California’s General Fund revenues for 2015-16 will exceed projections by $3.6 billion, which will in turn be deposited in the state’s Rainy Day fund under Proposition 2. The Analyst projects a surplus of $11.5 billion for fiscal year 2016-17, which would be deposited in the […] more

Covered California November Board Meeting

The final Covered California board meeting for the calendar year provided lots of updates on the happenings at the Exchange. At the meeting topics included a study on Californians’ awareness of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the open enrollment launch and a marketing and enrollment update. There was also an […] more

Helpful Reports on Transitioning Undocumented Children to Medi-Cal

The implementation of SB 75, the bill that allows undocumented children to be enrolled in Medi-Cal, is a big step for California’s #Health4All campaign championed by many health care advocates in the State, but there are many logistical details that must be worked out in order to ensure a seamless […] more

ITUP’s Summary of the Kaiser Family Foundation’s National Employer Health Benefits Survey

Premiums increased by 4%; offer rates and take up rates did not change; worker’s wages increased by 2% and inflation fell by 0.2% between 2014 and 2015. Some employers (4%) reduced full time workers to part time while others (10%) increased part time workers to full time. Workers paid on […] more