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UCLA Center for Health Policy Research studies California’s Undocumented Population

According to a study conducted by the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, California’s undocumented immigrant population utilizes services at a dramatically lower rate than the average U.S. citizen. These findings contradict commonly held myths that the undocumented population drives up healthcare expenditures by excessive emergency department (ED) usage. The […] more

Early Studies of Health Reform Show Promising Findings

With the clear success of the first open enrollment, many now wonder if health reform will succeed in decreasing health care costs and improving health outcomes. Although it is too early to start answering our most pressing questions, studies have released some promising findings. The Harvard School of Public Health […] more

Insurance for the Undocumented Bill Approved by Health Committee

SB 1005, State Senator Ricardo Lara’s “Health for All” bill that would provide full scope Medi-Cal to the undocumented and create a shadow Exchange with premium assistance provided by the State, was recently approved 6-1 by the Senate Committee on Health. The bill now moves to the Appropriations Committee, where […] more

Covered California April Board Meeting

Fresh off of last week’s enrollment announcement (1.4 million in Covered California! 1.9 million in Medi-Cal!), the Board of Covered California met to discuss the first open enrollment period and preparing for round two. Here’s a review of the take-aways. Enrollment Covered California enrollment exceeded base projections by 105% and […] more

New York and Florida Seek to Extend 1115 Medicaid Waivers

New York and Florida are both in the process of extending 1115 Medicaid waivers to seek ways to better meet the health needs of their residents. These states both have very large Medicaid programs with ongoing waivers that test experimental approaches to improve their health systems On April 14, 2014 […] more

4.1 Million in ACA Coverage in CA

Covered California announced the final enrollment tally for the first open enrollment period today: Nearly 1.4 million people enrolled in private plans through Covered California, 1.9 million enrolled in Medi-Cal, and an additional 800,000 people are pending enrollment in Medi-Cal. The total number of people enrolled in coverage thanks to […] more

7.5 Million People Insured, But Will They Stay Insured?

  Does our success with enrolling Americans into state and federal health exchanges prove the actual success of the health care law? According to Julie Rovner with NPR, there are bigger questions to ask before we can give a true answer to this question. Before judging the success of Obamacare, […] more

Enrollment Numbers Get an Unexpected Boost

The Affordable Care Act’s Exchanges were deemed a success with the enrollment of 7.5 million individuals, a figure that surpassed initial projections. However, these numbers only include individuals that purchased insurance through federal and state health exchanges, and it does not distinguish between the already insured and the newly insured. […] more

Obamacare exceeds projections once again

Obamacare continues to exceed expectations. In a report released today, the Congressional Budget Office projected even lower net costs to the federal government than was projected last month. New projections put net costs at $36 billion for 2014 and $1,383 billion over a ten-year period (2015-2024); $104 billion less than […] more

Secretary Kathleen Sebelius

I think we should remember Secretary Sebelius for her results: over 7.5 million enrolled in the Exchanges in the first six months, coverage for young adults through their parents, very slow rise in health care costs, extending the viability and improving the performance of Medicare, and the beginnings of transparency […] more