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Flat Premiums for Employment-Based Coverage

The Kaiser Family Foundation/Health Research and Educational Trust reports on its study on employment based coverage in 2014. Premiums for individual coverage are essentially flat – a 2% increase and premiums for family coverage are up by 3%. The employee shares of premiums are unchanged – 18% for individual coverage […] more

Ask ITUP: Estate Recovery and Assets Tests

Two technical topics today: asset testing and estate recovery in Medi-Cal. What is “Medi-Cal look-back?” While the ACA abolished asset testing ($2,000 limit on applicant’s assets, with requirements that consumers must “spend down” to $2,000) for most beneficiaries, they still apply to individuals with disabilities who apply through SSI, those […] more

Introducing “Ask ITUP”

ITUP is launching a new column that answers complicated questions about health reform. As open enrollment approaches (November 15!), you may have burning questions – send them our way! Email ask@itup.org for questions and technical assistance. Answers will be posted here on the ITUP blog for all to benefit. We […] more

CHIP Reauthorization: What Are Our Options?

This would be less complicated if we were writing about snacks. Most of us know CHIP (The Children’s Health Insurance Program) as Healthy Families, now a part of Medi-Cal. What you may not know is that the program is set to run out of funding in less than a year, […] more

Consumers and the ACA: Lessons Learned

Today we’ve got a look at a nationwide survey on health insurance and the ACA conducted by the TransAmerica Center for Health Studies. There are a number of interesting findings across numerous topics including coverage status, health status, and information level. The report compares findings from the July 2014 online […] more

Navigating the Narrows

With the rollout of Covered California, we have seen a great deal of success with enrollment exceeding expectations, and many enrollees are now enjoying new access to health services and greater financial security. However, now that more than 1.4 million individuals have enrolled in Covered California plans, many people are […] more

Covered California September Board Meeting

This month’s board meeting jam packed a lot of material and somehow got out early. Here are the take-homes: Verifications About half of the individuals who received notices to verify their immigration/citizenship states have successfully done so. Covered California will continue to contact consumers with outstanding inconsistencies; however if they […] more

Unfinished Business: An All Payer Claims Database

The 2014 legislative session ended on August 31, and one piece of legislation that we had been watching closely was AB 1558 (DeLeon). The bill would establish an All Payer Claims Database (APCD) in California by requesting that the University of California establish a dataset that would collect information about […] more

Newsflash: The Sky is Not Falling

The annual survey of employer health benefits by the Kaiser Family Foundation for 2014 reports the following: The average premium for employee only coverage increased 2%; the average premium for family coverage increased 3%, and the average worker’s wages increased by 2.3%. Covered workers pay 18% on average as their […] more

Will Local Hospitals Survive Cuts to Funding for Indigent Care Programs?

Since the beginning of 2013, twenty-four rural hospitals have closed across the country, and many observers believe that more closures will occur. They blame this on the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The ACA aims to extend coverage to the most vulnerable populations by offering states the option to expand their […] more