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New ACA Rules for Allowing Individuals to Keep Plans, Limits on Out-of-Pocket Costs, and Next Exchange Open Enrollment

On Wednesday, the Obama Administration announced several new key rules and dates for ACA implementation. The rule that received the most attention was about allowing individuals to keep their existing plans in the private individual insurance market, known as ”grandfathered plans,” even if they do not comply with the new ACA rules. […] more

ITUP Goes SHOP-ping

ITUP just switched to SHOP coverage through Covered California. In December 2013, we began to assess whether SHOP would be a good fit for our employees. The SHOP gold tier of coverage was about the same coverage as we already had, and it would cost us less per capita. We […] more

Utah Governor Proposes Alternative Plan to Expand Medicaid

Utah Governor Gary Herbert, a Republican, announced yesterday his proposal to expand health coverage to roughly 100,000 Utahans who are newly eligible for the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion. These individuals have household incomes at or below $15,500 for an individual and $32,500 for a family of four. However, Herbert will seek […] more

Advancing the Health and Wellbeing of Boys & Men of Color

A program in Alameda County is simultaneously expanding the health care workforce, creating linkages between communities and the health care system, and even addressing some of the cultural and socioeconomic indicators of health issues. The Emergency Medical Services Corps, initially funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, provides emergency medical […] more

February Enrollment Report Shows Continued Strength

Last week we told you that more than 2.2 million people have enrolled in Covered California or Medi-Cal coverage from October 2013 to January 2014. Today we’ve got even more details. In the first two weeks of February, over 100,000 people enrolled in the Exchange. That makes more than 828,000 […] more

Wide Differences in Plan Costs among Health Insurance Exchanges across U.S.

Two recent Kaiser Health News articles compared health plan premiums in the Affordable Care Act’s recently established health insurance exchanges. The article reported that rates vary widely across different regions and examined why such large differences might exist, sometimes in very close proximity to one another. Unsurprisingly, areas with a […] more

ACA enrollment tops 2.2 million in California

Yesterday the federal government announced that 728,086 individuals enrolled in Covered California by February 1. Additionally, 850,000 people (in addition to the roughly 630,000 individuals transitioning from LIHPs) were deemed eligible for Medi-Cal. Together, more than 2.2 million people in California have coverage thanks to the ACA. Let that sink […] more

Regional and State Trends in the Exchange

Another day, another set of awesome enrollment data from Covered California. This time we have a breakdown of enrollment by region, tier, and carrier in 2013. Here’s our analysis. The state is on pace to exceed base projections. Some areas, like much of Northern California, as well as Orange County […] more

Next Steps for the Exchange

The State announced today that 1.7 million people enrolled in Covered California and Medi-Cal by Dec. 31, with an additional 125,000 Covered California enrollments by Jan. 15. These are fantastic results for just the first three months of enrollment; we are well on our way to meeting our goals. So […] more

Anecdote: Healthcare.gov in the South

I recently spoke to a number of friends and family members about the ACA during a trip back east to Georgia. Most of these Southerners were either highly skeptical or outspokenly critical of health reform. Several were uninsured, but disinterested in enrolling in the Exchange. I had a long conversation […] more