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But, Why Not?


ITUP employee and UCLA graduate student, Marina Acosta (far left), attending the 68th World Health Assembly with fellow UCLA classmates.

Hearing the awe in my Mom’s voice when I was describing the tension in the room between Israel and the Arab nations during discussions about health conditions in occupied Palestinian territories brought on a feeling that is difficult for me to explain. I come from a very blue-collar family; my dad was a mailman and my mom a schoolyard guard. So, attending the sixty-eighth World Health Assembly (WHA) as a delegate in Geneva has been quite a surreal experience for me. My parents did their best to show me all that the world had to offer. I remember taking a bus to the public library where my mom showed me a book of all the possible careers that awaited me, all the while telling me I was capable of anything. I never doubted them, but I am also not sure I ever fully believed them. Yet here I was listening to Chancellor Angela Merkel speak, and I suddenly realize my parents were right; I have the capacity to do anything my passion and hard work allows me.

As a Global Health Council delegate, I was afforded the opportunity to represent not only the delegation and UCLA, but more importantly, my parents and family name. I did not take this duty lightly. I was purposeful with my time and decisions while in Geneva. I chatted with other delegates about their focus areas; I attended receptions hosted by organizations that I had never heard of, using only my genuine curiosity to guide me. And I diligently took notes and pictures, and tweeted at the sessions I attended to document my experience. I hope in the hectic back-to-reality environment that awaits me in the States, I can maintain this sense of purpose I brought with me to Geneva.

I still can’t believe a girl from the small town of Riverside could potentially one day be an ambassador or diplomat, but in the words of Dr. Leah Vriesman, a UCLA professor on the trip, “But, why not?”


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