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Thank You for Attending the ITUP Conference!

February 24, 2014

Dear Colleagues,

It was great to see all of you for this year’s 19th Annual Insure the Uninsured Project Conference. The power point slides, photos and session summaries are being posted for your use at http://itup.org/conference.

I wanted to particularly commend a few of the most recent ITUP staff papers for your consideration:

John Connolly and Carolina Coleman, “Medi-Cal Managed Care: Raising the Bar”;
John Connolly, Improving the Health of Re-Entry Populations”;
Chauntrece Washington and Marina Acosta, “Solo and Small Group Practices in California”;
Kiwon Yoo, “Improving the Health of the Homeless”;
Kiwon Yoo, “2013 OSHPD Hospital and Clinic Data”;
Lucien Wulsin, “Where are We Going, Where Should We be Going?”, and
Lucien Wulsin, “Southern California Waiver Thoughts”.

These and many other ITUP staff papers prepared for this year’s conference can be downloaded at http://itup.org/conference or you can find them on the conference flash drive with the other relevant and timely research papers compiled by the ITUP staff for you.

Congratulations and so many thanks to all of you, to the staff and leadership of Covered California and of the California Department of Health Care Services for 4.5 million Californians enrolled under the ACA.

All my very best,



PS: For those of you who love to plan ahead, next year’s conference is scheduled for February 8 and 9, 2016 and for those wishing to suggest particular sessions for next year’s conference, the deadline is June 1, 2015 so that they can be considered by our staff and Board.

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