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Enrollment by Region

Today Covered California released region specific breakdowns of enrollment in October and November. Highlights include:

The Los Angeles region enrolled the most individuals, totaling 23% of enrollees, but still has a ways to go, given that 31% of the state’s subsidy eligible population lives in the LA area.

The Bay Area saw a high rate of sign ups, comprising about 20% of enrollment in the state, despite the area compromising only 13% of those who may be eligible for subsidies.

San Diego, Orange, Sacramento, the Central Coast, and the North Bay also exceeded expectations relative to the distribution of populations eligible for subsidies. The Central Valley and Inland Empire will need to catch up in the coming months.

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The proportion of subsidized vs. non-subsidized enrollments varied slightly in different areas of the state. Los Angeles enrolled more non-subsidized individuals (17%), while the Central Valley, Northern California, and the Inland Empire enrolled relatively few (8, 10, and 11% respectively). Throughout the state, approximately 86% of enrollees qualify for premium assistance.

For complete breakdowns of each region, including information on carrier and tier selected, see Covered California’s press releases:

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