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One Month of Progress

With the first month of open enrollment behind us, lets take a look at the accomplishments Covered California has made since launching October 1.


Consumer Interest

Many Californians have expressed interest in Covered California and its offerings.

Screenshot 2013-11-05 16.49.40


Enrollment Assistance

Progress has also been made in getting individuals through the certified enrollment assistance program.

Screenshot 2013-11-05 16.52.31


Coming Soon

While these accomplishments should be celebrated, there is still much work to be done. Interest and enrollment can only increase in the next few months. Covered California has the task of completing the certification of over 18,000 enrollment counselors and agents. The call centers and website will likely experience increased demand as January 1 and later March 31 approach.

keep calm and stay tuned in

Enrollment figures are expected next week. ¬†While many of us are anxious for data on who is signing up, remember that this is just month one of six. When health reform was implemented in Massachusetts, just 123 individuals enrolled in the first month. That being said, 40,000 people have enrolled in Medicaid and the Exchange in Washington, 37,000 in New York, and 31,500 in Kentucky. Let’s hope the trend continues. There is a lot more progress to come.



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