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Covered California Starts Strong

Earlier today Covered California released statistics regarding web hits, call volumes, and applications for the first week of open enrollment. The website had close to 1 million visits and the service center received 59,000 phone calls, resulting in over 16,000 applications completed.

Website and Service Center Weekly Report: Oct.1-5

Service volumes
Unique visits to CoveredCA.com 987,440
Call volume 59,003
Average wait time 15:08 *
Average handling time 16:48
Applications 43,616
Partially completed 27,305
Applications completed with household eligibility determined 16,311
Number of Californians determined eligible for coverage 28,699
Small Business Health Options Program businesses registered as of 10/8/2013 430
*Average wait time was reduced to less than four minutes by Friday, 10/4/2013.

In a press release, Covered California quoted consumers who were thrilled to successfully enroll in coverage. Various media coverage has featured similar examples of Exchange customers, such as

http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/california-aggressively-pushes-health-care-law/2013/10/07/7da2dc0a-2cbf-11e3-97a3-ff2758228523_story_1.html and http://www.latimes.com/health/healthcare/la-fi-obamacare-california-launch-20131002,0,4856547.story

While the website has experienced challenges and the call center was initially overwhelmed with inquiries, many people have been able to access the application and receive eligibility determinations. These are encouraging numbers for just five days of open enrollment.

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