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“Home for Good” Initiative Continues to Persevere Against Homelessness in L.A. County

The Home for Good Initiative aims to end chronic and veteran homelessness in L.A. County by 2016. Released in December 2010 by the Business Leader’s Task Force on Homelessness, a partnership of United Way of Greater Los Angeles and the L.A. Area Chamber of Commerce, the strategic action plan is only in its second year but has many accomplishments listed according to the four strategies:

1. Know Who’s Homeless and What They Need

–       Completed the 2011 Homeless Count of individuals living on streets, shelters and other places not fit for human habitation in 31 cities to better understand the level of homelessness in every community

–       Nearly doubled (47%) usage of Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) to help providers better understand who is homeless and what they need

–       100,000 Homes Campaign partnered with 18 communities to know their homeless neighbors by name, face, and level of vulnerability and created significant momentum to house these individuals

2. Create the Housing and Services to Help People Thrive

–       Established the Home for Good Funders Collaborative, a partnership of 24 public and private funders which awarded $105 million to 30 non-profit organizations to provide permanent supportive housing units to over 1,000 chronically homeless individuals

–       Dramatically exceeded Year One housing goals for homeless individuals, housing 1,651 chronically homeless and 705 veterans

–       Accessed $8.59 million in Los Angeles Housing Department funding for housing vouchers

3. Shift to a Housing First System

–       Corporation for Supportive Housing and United Way completed a draft of Standards of Excellence for outreach, shelter and permanent supportive housing

–       100,000 Homes Campaign began work with communities to house 2.5% of their chronic and vulnerable homeless per month to ensure that groups are on target to end chronic and veteran homelessness

4. Get Involved, Involve Others

–       Motivated 121 public and private sector agencies across L.A. County to join the campaign

–       Rallied over 100 public and private stakeholders to formally oppose the proposed Community Care Facilities Ordinance that would devastate affordable housing in L.A. County

–       Recruited over 14,000 community members to volunteer and advocate for Home For Good Initiative

However, the group has not met its goals in some areas; unable to convert as many units of housing for chronically homeless patients as anticipated, and coming up short on the number of cities to complete comprehensive registries of vulnerable individuals and sign on to Home for Good. Still, the group does not lose hope, focusing on incrementally scaling down the magnitude of the homeless population, acknowledging that thinking small is the best way to impact such a large issue.

To access the most recent Home for Good report please click here.

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