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2012 Presidential Candidates Focus on Healthcare

In a recent press release, President Obama addressed his intentions of moving Medicare to the forefront of his platform. As the November elections loom, Republican candidate Mitt Romney has also started to urgently develop his political agenda, selecting House Budget Committee Chair Paul Ryan (R-Wis) as his running mate.

President Obama has made it evident that he is willing to stand beside any individual or group who is willing to expand the current healthcare system.  In his release, he criticized the opposition’s plan of offering beneficiaries vouchers to purchase coverage on the private insurance market. Additionally, he stressed the importance of strengthening programs such as Medicare to cover future generations. He defended the changes to healthcare legislation stating that “[his] proposed reforms will save Medicare money by getting rid of wasteful spending in the health care system and reining in insurance,” are positive changes without reducing Medicare benefits.

Meanwhile, Romney has continued to defend the Massachusetts health care overhaul, which he enacted in 2006, in response to the criticism of Democrats regarding the GOP stance on women’s health. He praised the law stating that it was achieved without raising taxes or significantly reducing benefits. In response to his previous statement about blocking access to contraceptives or preventative care, Romney stated that he recognized that different people have different conclusions on abortion. Given the heated nature of this topic, it will be interesting to see how candidates address the issue as the months nearing the election dwindle down.

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