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More CA Voters View ACA Favorably

A Field Poll conducted on behalf of The California Wellness Foundation (TCWF) found that a majority of CA voters (54%) supported the health reform law in 2012 with 37% opposed to it.  This is a slight improvement from a similar poll conducted in 2010, which found that 52% supported the ACA with 38% opposed to it.

The poll surveyed registered voters in CA, with interviews conducted in English, Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Tagalog, Korean and Vietnamese.  While California voters were supportive of the law, there was great diversity across geographic and demographic subgroups.  For example, the ACA had the most support in the San Francisco Bay Area (68%, 22% against), Los Angeles County (60%/28%) and Coastal Counties (59%/32%).

The health reform law was very popular amongst African Americans (88%/5%), Latinos (67%/23%), Korean Americans (63%/23%) and Vietnamese Americans (62%/24%).

The individual mandate, however, was not as popular as the rest of the health reform law, with 48% in favor, 43% opposed and 9% with no opinion.  When asked what Congress should do about the law, 51% wanted Congress to stop efforts to block the law, with 40% in favor of trying to repeal it.  Most Californians (53%) view the law as an important first step in reforming the nation’s health care system, but believe that more changes still need to be made.  In contrast, 33% believe the law is taking the country in the wrong direction.

California voters also trust President Obama (53%) more than Mitt Romney (29%) to deal with the future of health reform as President.  While only 11% say a candidate’s position on health reform will be the deciding factor in their vote, 57% say it will be a major factor.

In regards to the California Health Benefit Exchange, while only 17% were aware of its existence, 74% believe that such an entity will be helpful for residents who wish to buy a health plan to best fit their needs.

The full survey is available online.

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