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$7 Million Granted to Community Clinics in L.A. County

$7 million of Affordable Care Act (ACA) funding was awarded to twelve Los Angeles County Community Clinics on June 21, 2012. In this wave of funding, 25 clinics across California received a total of $15 million to help create new clinics, expand existing ones and provide new jobs for doctors, nurses, clinic support staff and construction workers.The funding was part of $11 billion in Community Health Center Fund grants that Congress approved under the ACA and is distributing over the next five years.

An L.A. Times article provided reactions from elected officials, “Los Angeles is grateful…this administration of President Barak Obama has come forward and made things happen for this community…” stated Supervisor Mark Riddley-Thomas of the Second District (South L.A.). With some of the lowest health outcomes across the county, where 1 in 5 adults cannot afford to see a doctor and 1 in 9 adults are unable to get their health problems checked, South L.A was in great need of this funding. Among the recipient clinics, T.H.E Clinic was awarded $483,333 to open a new location in South L.A. and expand use of mobile van clinics at neighboring high schools.  The new funding will enable T.H.E Clinic to see an estimated 15,000 additional patients over the next three years. While, an estimated 85,000 new patients will be seen by the six recipient L.A. County clinics as a result of the grants.

Fortunately, the money already awarded to clinics will not be at risk if the health care law is overturned[1].

[1] Rong-Gong Lin II, “L.A. officials praise healthcare law as money flows to clinics” Los Angeles Times, June 21, 2012, Web.


Image of T.H.E Clinic in South L.A. (3834 South Western Avenue, Los Angeles)

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