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June Exchange Board Meeting #2: Service Center Options

The second board meeting in June was largely around service center design and options, which will be critical in providing toll-free customer support when the Exchange is operational.  Prior to this discussion, Peter Lee summarized a draft of the Exchange by-laws and outlined the schedule for the upcoming months in his Executive Director’s report.  Staff also presented on QHP stakeholder input and cost-sharing consumer findings, which found that participants paid most attention to copays when choosing a plan.

Service Center Option

The board has contracted with Eventus for expert assistance on service center design and options.  Juli Baker, the CTO of the Exchange, presented on the framework and principles of service centers, and outlined four options for the Exchange to consider:

  1. State staffed: service center is operated entirely by state staff
  2. Contracted services: simliar to Option 1, but is staffed and managed by a professional call/service center provider on behalf of the Exchange with Exchange oversight
  3. State central distributed branches: service center is operated by state staff with Exchange oversight, in addition to integrated, selected networks of established call centers (may include specific counties, providers, or established distributed call centers)
  4. Distributed  consortia based (proposed by CWDA/counties): linked network of state and counties where state seeks partnerships with counties through the 3 SAWS Consortia

Following her presentation, there was a panel discussion with representatives from Maximus/Healthy Families, Kaiser, and the County Service Centers.

The board is soliciting stakeholder input on this topic, and comments are due by close of business Wednesday, June 27.

Next Steps

The board passed Resolution No. 2012-30, which adopts the recommendations in the Statewide Marketing, Outreach and Education Program Work Plan and the Statewide Assisters Program Design Options and Recommendations as proposed at Level 3; the former was amended to increase the annual amount of the Education and Outreach Grant Program from $15 million to $20 million.

All board meeting materials are available online.  The next meeting is scheduled for July 19 in Oakland.

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