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The Future of Health Care Enrollment – Enroll UX 2014 Design Released

Enroll UX 2014 is finally released. This is a state-of-art, online process for application, eligibility determination, enrollment and health plan selection. It was completed after a yearlong collaboration of over 11 states, the federal government, eight charitable foundations, and a leading Silicon Valley design firm. The design was made public today, June 8, 2012.

The ACA asks states to develop “self-service online enrollment processes that are as easy to use as the most popular commercial websites.[1]” This will move away from the antiquated and costly in person enrollment process currently used throughout the majority of the United States.

The coalition designed a product that can be customized by states to be the public face of their insurance exchanges. The ease of Enroll UX 2014 design, is experienced instantly upon visiting the website through it’s quick login process, followed by access to all the developed deliverables. The deliverables include “an interactive prototype that walks the user through a complex enrollment scenario, a design specifications manual and original iconography and illustrations.[2]

Deputy Director of the CMS Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services, Penny Thompson, stated at the unveiling, “we encourage state leaders to consider the Enroll UX 2014 design approach as they work to achieve a first-class consumer experience to assist millions in gaining access to coverage.[3]

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