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Report Assesses County Progress in Safety Net Integration

A recent report, released by the UC Berkeley Labor Center and the Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies, UCSF, looks at the progress of safety net integration in five California counties, including Contra Costa, Humboldt, San Diego, San Joaquin, and San Mateo. The report makes note of opportunities under the ACA that allow local safety nets to transform delivery systems and better coordinate care. It highlights county activities that support system-wide integration (e.g., launch of LIHPs), cross-provider integration (e.g., e-referrals) and patient-level integration (e.g., nurse advice lines, CAAs).

Each county included in the report had a shared commitment to creating seamless systems of care, despite large differences in capacity and resources. The report suggests that partnerships and the presence of safety net collaboratives and/or nimble organizations (e.g., MCOs, clinic consortia, etc.) better allow counties to secure resources necessary for implementing integration projects. Strategies and models for expanding integration across the state were also discussed.

To access the full report, click here.

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