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New Educational Initiative Launched for the ACA. MyCare.

Having recently celebrated the two-year anniversary of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), it is only fitting to acknowledge some of the health care law’s extensive accomplishments. Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius unveiled “MyCare”, a collection of online videos and stories of Americans who have been helped by the ACA. MyCare is a new educational initiative to help inform Americans about new programs, benefits and rights under the health care law. Americans are encouraged to share their stories through popular social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The Facebook page consists of empowering videos, stories and news articles that have already inspired many Americans to comment regarding their own personal experiences.

One story posted to Facebook comes from Mark H., a small business owner from Ann Arbor, Michigan who relies on his long-term well-informed employees to drive sales at his store in order to compete with the large chain-stores. For this reason Mark has been offering health care to his employees for the past 12 years despite the high costs he has incurred. With the passing of the health reform law, Mark estimated that the small-business tax credit would benefit him by $9,000 each year. With this estimated benefit, Mark was able to hire a new employee, who had been unemployed for several years. Not only has the health reform law allowed Mark to provide cost effective health insurance to his employees, but has also allowed Mark to expand his own business and stimulate the job market.

To watch Mark’s video click here.

Another empowering story is told by 23-year-old Steven G., a musician from Cleveland, Ohio who is on the road to full recovery from his second bout with cancer. In 2005, Stephen was diagnosed with stage 4 osteosarcoma when he was a sophomore in high school.  Fortunately, under his father’s insurance, Stephen was able to undergo intensive chemotherapy, radiology and 2 spinal surgeries until he was finally declared in remission in 2007. Horrifically, one year later Stephen was diagnosed with leukemia that had developed as a result of his past cancer treatments. This time around, his father’s insurance would only cover Stephen’s procedures if he were registered as a full-time student.  Despite his ailing condition, Stephen had to go to school to receive life-saving treatments. Luckily, with the passage of the ACA the following year, Steven no longer had to be a full-time student in order to receive full health coverage through his father’s plan.

To watch Stephen’s video click here.

Personal and inspirational, the information sharing phenomena is fast at work and will continue to play a key role in ACA outreach and implementation in the years to come. To check out or post a video story visit: www.facebook.com/Healthcare.gov or post to Twitter using the hashtag #MyCare.


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