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March Exchange Board Meeting: Outreach and Enrollment

Thursday’s Exchange Board meeting (agenda) was the first one held outside of Sacramento, and took place in Fresno. It provided an extensive overview of outreach and enrollment strategies, as well as several updates on personnel and federal regulations.

During his Executive Director update, Peter Lee announced the appointment of Yolanda Richardson for Deputy COO of the Exchange, and mentioned the need for help in recruiting new staff to reflect the diversity of California; Wilcox, Miller and Nelson has been tasked to recruit for many positions, including CFO, CTO and Director of Public Relations and Communications.

David Panush, the Director of Government Relations, summarized new federal regulations and guidance regarding governance and administration; eligibility determination; Exchange enrollment; navigators, agents and brokers; the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP); and QHPs and QHP issuers.

The Board also organized three panels for enrollment and marketing; marketing, outreach and building consumer awareness; and assisters and navigators.

Panel 1: Enrollment and Marketing Overview

Ken Jacbos of UC Berkeley presented a joint UC Berkeley-UCLA study on their California Simulation of Insurance Markets (CalSIM), which projects takeup and insurance coverage under two scenarios: a base scenario with take-up rates similar to current ones, and a more optimistic enhanced scenario with simplified eligibility determination, strong outreach and education, cultural sensitivity and language appropriate outreach, and maximum use of pre-enrollment strategies.

CalSIM shows that under the base scenario, 89% of non-elderly Californians will have insurance in 2019, and 92% will have insurance under the enhanced scenario.

Under the base scenario, CalSIM projects a net decrease of 1.94 million uninsured who are eligible for coverage by 2019, with 1.26 million more Medi-Cal enrollees, 1.75 million Exchange enrollees (with subsidies) and a 0.71 million decrease in individuals receiving employer sponsored coverage.  Under the enhanced scenario, the simulation projects a net decrease of 2.74 million uninsured who are eligible or coverage.

An examination of the remaining uninsured shows that undocumented compose significant fractions in both scenarios.  The enhanced scenario shows 800,000 fewer uninsured than the base scenario.

In addition to Jacobs, Katie Marcellus presented on stakeholder input, which summarized 17 small group sessions convened around the state and written comments submitted by over 30 individuals and organizations.  Maggie Linden and Lizelda Lopez from Ogilvy, who has been tasked with branding and marketing, presented their findings and next steps.

Panel 2: Marketing, Outreach and Building Consumer Awareness

Representatives from various plans (Blue Shield of California, Kaiser, Anthem Blue Cross) spoke about methods to reach consumers, which include:

  • Utilizing community base organizations, such as schools, Boys and Girls Clubs, and faith-based organizations
  • Establishing a strong brand for the Exchange to raise awareness
  • Multiple marketing channels, such as through TV, radio, direct mail, online and social media
  • A focus on culturally and linguistically appropriate marketing
  • Partnering with businesses and brokers
  • A “no wrong door approach”

Joan Fallon discussed her experiences as the former Chief Communications Officer for the Massachusetts Heath Connector, which underscored the importance of using a variety of marketing approaches, building and sustaining partnerships, and creativity in finding avenues for outreach, such as ball parks and pharmacies and grocery stores.

Panel 3: Assisters and Navigators – Their Role in Supporting Enrollment

The CAAs, brokers, promotoras and legal services advocates discussed their important roles in working with the Exchange to ensure maximum educated enrollment.  Their presentation materials, as well as other meeting materials, can be found at the HBEX website.

The next board meeting will return to our state’s fine capital and is scheduled for April 26.

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