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UX2014 Update on Exchange User Interface

Following a Design Refinement Workshop in late January, the UX2014 team released an updated Enroll UX2014 Overview, which includes the latest status of the project, highlights from each design phase, user evaluation insights and images from the preliminary visual design.

To develop a human-centered design, the workshop engaged 90 representatives from CMS and 18 states, consumers from three states were interviewed, and a wide range of experts were consulted. Significant consideration was given to not only the functionality of the design, but also its flow, usability and aesthetic appeal. Some key points include:

Consideration for a wide-range of users with varying needs, desires and expectations.

Visual design concepts based on user evaluations on the initial framework design.

Evaluations by a diverse group of participants in regards to socioeconomic background, age, ethnicity, familiarity with computer technology/online shopping, mixed eligibility, multi-plan families, and exposure to public programs found that:

  • all participants struggled on income page, especially with current and projected income
  • participants liked being able to indicate flexibility on certain questions
  • navigational structure gave participants a sense of progress and accomplishment
  • general application flow was easy and manageable, especially when compared to paper applications

The full presentation is available online.

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