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Improving Access to Health Care in San Diego

We recently collaborated with the Center for Policy Initiatives, a San Diego-based non-profit organization focusing on the interests of working San Diegans, to produce a report on the impacts of health reform in San Diego.

Major findings include:

  • The structure of the regional economy leads to high rates of uninsurance in San Diego County.
  • San Diego County spends relatively little on the uninsured, compared to other major California counties, and that amount has been diminishing as state funding has decreased.
  • Community clinics and private hospitals are at financial risk as operating funds are disappearing and uninsured rates are rising.
  • The Affordable Care Act provides an opportunity to provide healthcare for many more San Diego County residents – including more than 200,000 newly eligible for Medi-Cal – and to bring badly needed federal funding to the region.

The report is available for download at the CPI website.

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