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Federal Government Approves Path2Health

The federal government recently approved the CMSP Governing Board’s proposal for a Low-Income Health Program (LIHP), which will be known as Path2Health. LIHP is a coverage expansion program under the State’s §1115 Medicaid Waiver allowing counties to receive a federal match for care delivered to their low-income, uninsured population. Path2Health will take effect on January 1, 2012.

The County Medical Services Program (CMSP) provides coverage for low-income, indigent adults in 34 of California’s primarily rural counties.  Yolo County will become a new participating member of CMSP and Path2Health beginning on July 1, 2012. An estimated 1,600 of the County’s residents are expected to gain coverage through the new program.

Path2Health will operate as a 2-year pilot project covering individuals ages 21 to 64 with incomes up to 100% FPL and will include no cost sharing with a 6 month enrollment term. Current eligibility standards for CMSP will remain as is in January 2012 for individuals with incomes between 100% and 200% FPL. Both Path2Health and CMSP will include expanded benefits in mental health counseling and substance abuse treatment services.

Path2Health will be one of the newest LIHPs beginning at the start of the new year. For details on the revised CMSP Eligibility Manual, which includes Path2Health, click here.


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