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Southern California Beach Cities Plan to Get Healthy

A cluster of cities in the South Bay (including Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach) were recently selected as the nations first “Vitality City.” With $5M in federal and local grants, the region is implementing initiatives to encourage healthy eating and exercise. The goal is to reduce rates of obesity of the region over three years by altering resident lifestyles at home, at work, and in school. The incentive is simple: keep people out of doctors’ offices.

The region was selected because of its motivated leadership. Already, restaurant owners are offering healthy alternatives to calorie-rich foods, planners are working to create bike lanes, and schools have begun “walking school busses.” A similar initiative in Alberta Lea, Minnesota led to an average weight loss of 2.6lbs per resident and an increase in life expectancy by three years.

To read more about the South Bay’s plans for the new grant, visit the LA Times.