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CHCF Visions for the Exchange

In a previous blog, I mentioned that CHCF proposed a few visions for the Exchange at the California Health Benefit Exchange Board’s July meeting. These visions included:

  • Price Leader: The CHBE as a Driver of Low Premiums. The promise of health reform is to make health insurance more affordable and accessible for individuals and small businesses. This approach focuses on the exchange as primarily a cost-focused store that offers the most competitively priced health plans.
  • Service Center: The CHBE as a Consumer Destination. An exchange centered on service and expanded consumer options would help to build public support for reform and create political leverage to transform the market. This approach positions the exchange as a consumer-friendly, one-stop shop with broad choices on plan design, accessible information, and strong customer service.
  • Change Agent: The CHBE as a Catalyst of Finance and Delivery Reform. One of the many possible priorities that could be emphasized by the exchange — and perhaps the farthest reaching — is long term reform of the health care system. Such an exchange would establish incentives to encourage innovation and improvement in costs, quality, and efficiency in health care delivery.

The purpose of these proposed visions is to outline the implications of choosing one alternative over another. The issue briefs are now available online.

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