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Exchange: Level 1 Grant App. Nears Completion

HBEX held a webinar today on the Federal Level 1 Establishment Grant. It expands on a preliminary outline shared at the most recent board meeting. Patricia Powers, Acting Administrative Officer, presented a comprehensive breakdown of the Exchange’s $40 million request to enable planning activities between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012. The Exchange is working closely with DHCS, CDI, DMHC, and other agencies to coordinate planning and implementation with existing programs.

Program Integration, Information Technology, and Health Plan Management were highlighted as the largest and most challenging projects at this stage, with the largest funding requests.

  • Other “core” areas include: Background Research; Stakeholder Consultation; Legislative and Regulatory Action; Governance; Financial Management; Oversight and Program Integrity; Health Insurance Market Reforms; Strategic Visioning; Business and Operational Planning; Navigator Programs; Consumer Assistance; Outreach and Education; and Employer Relationships.

The grant application will be available on the Exchange website at the end of this week; it will be presented to the Board for approval at the June 28th meeting and submitted on June 30th.

This coming spring, the Exchange will apply for a Level 2 grant to pay for implementation until 2015 (when federal funding ends).