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Positions on the May Revise

Yesterday, California Coverage & Health Initiatives (CCHI) released a summary of various organizations’ positions on the May Revise‘s proposal to move the Healthy Families Program into Medi-Cal starting in 2012. The transition would affect approximately 900,000 HFP beneficiaries and is estimated to save the state $300M over three years.

Stakeholder feedback has been mixed. Some feel that this is an important transition to simplify the system and implement ACA, while others argue that it might decrease access to care for these children.

100% Campaign, PICO California, and United Ways of California: Neither oppose nor clear support.
“We believe this proposal has merit and stand ready to work closely with state officials on a thoughtful solution that prioritizes the needs of children.”

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP): Cannot support without certain conditions being met.
“… there are too few pediatric Medi-Cal providers, primary and subspecialty, in many areas of the state, and the red tape and reimbursement problems in the system are well-known barriers to care.”

California Association of Health Plans (CAHP): Neither support nor clear oppose
“Our members have serious questions and concerns about the feasibility of this proposal and cannot support it moving forward at this time.”