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CaliforniACA: A Monthly Implementation Update

Earlier today, we sent out the first edition of CaliforniACA — ITUP’s monthly update of ACA implementation efforts in California.

Because there are so many parts to the ACA, tracking the implementation of these changes in a state with communities and markets as diverse as those in California is too difficult for many. The purpose of CaliforniACA is to provide objective, timely information to policymakers, the media, and stakeholders about the status of ACA implementation in California. We will strive to ensure that all information will be public, sourced, and presented without editorial comment.

The update will come in two forms — a short HTML version and long PDF version. Please be sure to check out this month’s short edition and this month’s longer version.

Topics covered this month include:

  • California’s Uninsured
  • ยง1115 Waiver
  • PCIP
  • The Exchange
  • Dependent Coverage
  • Tax Credits
  • ERRP
  • Public Health & Prevention
  • Clinics
  • Workforce Capacity
  • Hospitals
  • HIT
  • ACOs
  • Insurance Regulations

All of us at ITUP hope you find the monthly CaliforniACA Update helpful to your work.

To subscribe, unsubscribe, or provide constructive feedback, please email us at info@itup.org.

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