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New Initiative to Improve Care & Lower Cost

Today, ITUP staff joined CMS as they announced the launch of a new initiative, Partnership for Patients: Better Care, Lower Cost.

This public-private partnership aims to improve the quality, safety, and affordability of health care by making hospital care safer, more reliable, and less costly. Ultimately, the initiative sets out to (1) prevent patients from becoming injured or more sickly, and (2) assist patients in healing without complication.

By the end of 2013, fulfilling both of these goals would decrease hospital-acquired infections by 40% (compared to 2010) and reduce hospital readmission rates by 20% (compared to 2010) as patient’s transition from one care setting to another. The Partnership is estimated to save $35 billion across the healthcare system, reducing cost to Medicare by $50 billion over the next ten years.

Part of this partnership will be funded through the $500 million allocated over the next five years to the Medicare Community-Based Transitions Program by Section 3026 of the ACA.

CMS’s new Innovation Center has also devoted $500 million of its budget to the Partnership, and it plans to use these funds to test models of safer care delivery in hospitals and to promote implementation of best practices in patient safety.

Partnership for Patients is requesting the efforts of all parties, including:

  • Hospitals and organizations representing physicians and nurses,
  • Consumer and patient organizations,
  • Employers,
  • Unions,
  • Health Plans,
  • States, and
  • Medicare.

To get involved, CMS asks you to please:
1. Visit the healthcare.gov website
2. Sign the pledge to join The Partnership
3. Plan to attend the series of regional events introducing the initiative

If you have additional questions, email CMS at partnershipforpatients@hhs.gov.