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ITUP Summary of Counties’ LIHP Applications

On March 18th, we noted that DHCS had recently published copies of 26 counties’ applications for the Waiver’s Low Income Health Program (LIHP).

Based on the projections in their applications, counties predict the total number of people covered under the LIHP to be approximately 455,000, — with the vast majority (upwards of 345,000) covered under MCE.

To help you understand and compare each of the 20+ page applications, we just put together a LIHP summary and analysis.

In one document, you will find:

  • a simple outline of the LIHP;
  • a list of conditions on and requirements for counties’ involvement;
  • a comparison of each of the 26 counties’ approach to their LIHP;
  • an analysis of proposed delivery systems and mental health networks;
  • a comparison of anticipated enrollment; and
  • a comparison of anticipated costs and federal match.

We hope you find this helpful.

County LIHP Applications County LIHP Applications.pdf