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Lots of Rumblings, But No Budget Deal in Sight

Quick Budget Update: Both houses of the state legislature are holding floor votes today on the budget, but most observers suspect that neither house will achieve passage of the budget since it requires a two-thirds majority, and no Republicans have yet to publicly support the plan. Visit the Sac Bee for a comprehensive update and descriptions of the various sides’ positions and positioning on the budget.

Also today, a new Field Poll was released, analyzing public’s appetite for the revenue components of Governor Brown’s budget proposal. The poll found, among others, that 58% of California voters would vote for the tax extension measure if a special election were held, and a significant majority of voters oppose proposed cuts to child care, mental health services and health care programs for low-income residents. For more, see Dan Walters’ take on the poll.

Both the Democrats’ move today and the favorable Field poll numbers should bolster Gov. Brown’s efforts at convincing enough Republicans to join his budget plan. If that happens soon, it’s likely the tax extension measures will appear as ballot measures on an election to be held June 7th. If not, the election might need to be pushed later into June. Stay tuned…