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§1115 Waiver Resources

Counties across the state are starting to gear up for full implementation of the new §1115 waiver: the SPD population is being transitioned to managed care, applications for the Low Income Health Program are being reviewed, and DHCS recently released the final Request for Proposal (RFP) for four counties to test pilot demonstration projects that integrate services under and lower costs in the CCS program.

With all the various parts moving so rapidly, ITUP staff recently produced two important resources related to the waiver.

First, Director of Research Kiwon Yoo and Executive Director Lucien Wulsin published this comprehensive summary of the waiver that outlines the major parts of the new project, compares it to California’s previous waiver and the ACA, and provides county and regional data allowing for simple analysis of the impact of the waiver on your community.

Second, Director of Regional Workgroups Ashley Cohen recently delivered this PowerPoint presentation, outlining the new waiver’s goals, components, status, and relationship to health care reform. It also focus on the impact particular to Los Angeles county.

Hope you find these resources helpful in your work!