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ACA Litigation and Implementation Resources

Looking for a one-stop website to get updated information on all the ACA litigation occurring across the country? Look no further. Santa Clara Law School Professor Brad Joondeph administers the ACA Litigation Blog which contains all the legal documents — briefs, arguments, opinions and orders — for each of the ACA cases being heard in federal district courts and those making their way through the appellate courts. Hope you find Professor Joondeph’s blog helpful.

Also, be sure to check out HealthCareAndYou.org, a site recently launched by a coalition of health reform stakeholders to provide state-by-state information on the ACA. “This is an important coalition and we are excited to help people learn about the new health care law,” said Nancy LeaMond of the AARP. “The law will take shape differently in every state and it’s important to help people know what’s in it. We will be updating the information as new provisions go into effect or change.”