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Think’n Integrat’n

In addition to the work we at ITUP are doing as part of our Safety Net Integration Workgroup, there are dozens of other professionals and practitioners that are doing great thinking, producing important research and convening topical events on issues related to the role and potential of the safety net under the 1115 Waiver and upon full implementation of health reform.

Here are a few recent reports and up-coming events…

  • Be sure to read this policy brief from the Center for Health Improvement entitled California’s Health Care Safety Net: Evolving to Meet Future Needs. The brief offers a helpful overview of the existing safety net and provides various visions for how it may look come 2014 and beyond. The piece suggests that safety net providers have the opportunity to evolve by building on their core strengths and developing new partnerships, and it offers several policy approaches to support this transformation.
  • On March 3rd in Sacramento, the Center for Connected Health Policy is convening a policy briefing around their new telehealth model statute report, Advancing California’s Leadership in Telehealth Policy. The report presents 13 recommendations that will help position California’s telehealth policy as a more effective, efficient model to address the needs of the state’s health care system, and move California into a national leadership position on telehealth. The panel will present the recommendations contained in the report, as well as on-the-ground examples of the benefits of telehealth services and policy barriers that the model statute will address. Click here for more information and to register for the event.
  • Also on March 3rd, there is a seminar on ACO models at CSU Long Beach from 5:00 – 7:00 pm that evening. Topics include: (a) Overview of ACOs in the ACA, federal implementing regulations and state responses, (b) Local ACO pioneers: an overview of the Anthem/Dartmouth/Brookings/Monarch/HealthCare Partners PPO pilot project, and (c) Public-private safety net accountable care: a case study of an evolving care coordination network in Los Angeles County. Click here for more information.
  • Finally, last November, the Blue Shield of California Foundation convened leaders to help plan for the future of California’s healthcare safety net. The conversation shed light on challenges and opportunities safety net providers are anticipating related to healthcare reform. Be sure to check out both the written summary and video documentary of the event.