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Early Innovator Grants Awarded

Earlier today, DHHS announced that seven states will receive the “Early Innovator” grants to establish efficient and consumer-friendly information technology (IT) for the Exchange. The systems these states develop will serve as models for other states. You might remember that back in November, California was considering applying for one of these “Early Innovator” grants. Our ITUP memo summarizes the funding opportunity. The administration eventually decided against it due to a “lack of consensus” (read the ITUP blog).

The awarded states include Kansas, Maryland, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, Wisconsin and a multi-state consortia in New England headed by the University of Massachusetts Medical School. They were selected based on their readiness to create an innovative system, technical expertise, and commitment to establishing an adaptable system. The states represent different regions of the country and a range of Exchange governance and IT systems. They will build on existing infrastructure to create IT systems that can be easily “adopted and tailored” by other states, according to HHS.

Together, the states were awarded more than $241M.

On March 21, 2011, Exchange planning grants will be available to all states.

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