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Waiver Implementation Rolling Ahead

The new 1115 Waiver offers all California counties opportunities to initiate and grow coverage of their uninsured population and draw down some of the $10 billion in federal matching funds over the next five years.

In its effort to implement the waiver quickly, last week the state announced two developments.

LIHP Application Released

First, DHCS released the Low Income Health Program (LIHP) Application. The application and supporting documents (Program Requirements and Application Process document, Letter of Interest and Cover Letter) can be found at the LIHP page. If you have questions or comments regarding the program or your county’s role in it, you can submit them directly at the LIHP mailbox at LIHP@dhcs.ca.gov.

CCS Pilot Project RFP

In addition to the LIHP app, DHCS released draft CCS Pilot Project Request for Proposals (RFP). If you have thoughts on the proposal, please provide your feedback to DHCS as soon as possible.